Here are some bits of me-

I.  Essays:

  1. The Truth About Bra-Stealing Grandmas and GSBs
  2. Why My Mother is More Scared of Lorelai Gilmore than of Shah Rukh Khan
  3. Wild Hair and Mad Dalit Women
  4. Creating A Feminist Classroom: Why Should Marx Have All The Fun?
  5. An Ode to Drunk Girls I Meet in the Loos of Pubs
  6. Between croaking cities and silent frogs
  7. Which 9 Songs Would Tell The Story Of Your Life?

II.  Films:

  1. Ta-Ta, Bahubali. I’d Much Rather Be Jejamma
  2. This New Period Horror Film tells the Story of a Rather Different Freedom Struggle
  3. Puneet Rajkumar’s Chakravyuha Reminds You that Love Anthe Love is Forever
  4. Reading Sairat’s Rulebook of Running Away
  5. Lipstick Under My Burkha – Cliché, Soo Che, Danda Leke Maru Che
  6. I Watched Kaala. Now Tell Me Whose Permission Do Dalits Need To Be Stylish In Life?

III. Books:

  1. How We Wish this Memoir was a Wee Bit More Aashiqui, A Wee Bit Less Ashram
  2. I’d rather be Dingo-Khanna but the song is Lila Lila Lila
  3. I Read Sujatha Gidla’s Memoir And I Understood My Father’s Dalit Boyhood a Little Better

IV. Reporting/Feature:

  1. Sure, You Could Say I Went to a Dalit Women’s Conference But Woah it was a Zingat Party
  2. Crossword with Christmas
  3. Doing theatre to interrupt war
  4. In which I learn how to deal with peeps too cool for Kannada
  5. “ToI isn’t too different from Wipro and Infosys”