To Adult means what?

No one told me that a big part of being an adult is paperwork. I spent all of last week being a good adult. And must now die in the nostalgia of sweet childhood where being adult was a lot more fun. I am still hungry for the romance that I assume will only arrive afterContinue reading “To Adult means what?”

Once upon a not so long ago

If like me, you come from an adolescence that didn’t know it was happening while it was happening, if you weren’t aware of the joys that investing in oneself can bring — if you made the mistake of making one person central to your entire life, then you will hurry through the remainder of yourContinue reading “Once upon a not so long ago”

Small joys for Rum Lola Rum

  Hello, So this is my website (haw — never thought I’d say this) but you are now at Bought a damn domain to celebrate 300 posts. It’s a Valentine gift to myself. I believe I have withdrawal symptoms and worry that I will never be able to write again without the soft pinkishContinue reading “Small joys for Rum Lola Rum”

For the 300th Blog Post

What can I say today that hasn’t already been said – Except that I am happy 3 times, happy happy —- I could say I am glad that I didn’t stop writing Not when people laughed and cried- Not even when they played drinking games, and made bon-fiery jokes about caste and capacity —- IContinue reading “For the 300th Blog Post”

P for Political. A for Aadhar

Sometime in the month of October, I wondered if my blog was developing a certain direction. It’s because I read and wrote more about caste than I have about anything else this year. A lot of my posts and essays this year were attempts at making sense of my life, work, and relationships and IContinue reading “P for Political. A for Aadhar”

I Love You, Samuel Johnson

In one of my journals that I wrote as a student at Jain College – I remember recording an entry about how guilty I felt one morning for having asked amma some money to pay the college fee. She directed me towards the drawer and I took 18,000 from it. I must repay her, I’dContinue reading “I Love You, Samuel Johnson”

Laugh like Sumitra

For as long as I can remember – I have always been a stalker, first, a writer second. Even when I am not writing, I am stalking. It isn’t worrisome because if stalking happens then can writing be far behind? I have spent some spectacular nights on my phone jumping from website to blog to YouTubeContinue reading “Laugh like Sumitra”

On Elena Ferrante

Finally, finally, finally. Sat down and wrote about reading Elena Ferrante. This is my first piece for The Open Dosa and I’m thrilled that it’s about Ferrante. My students and I were just dying to talk about her at Meta this year. The following picture is from the day of the panel. This is myContinue reading “On Elena Ferrante”