Many White Women, One White Man, and Perumal Murugan

I can recollect the last six years of my life only in semesters. No other measurement makes sense. The last time I did this, I was less obsessed with archiving. Even so, this still remains the only reliable way of dealing with the guilt of not writing about the books I read this semester. The ProfessorContinue reading “Many White Women, One White Man, and Perumal Murugan”

Tuesday, 6:45 pm, Department

Alison Bechdel, Virginia Woolf, Nagraj Manjule Strange day. Finished reading Alison Bechdel’s ‘Are you My Mother?’ this morning. She took me to Woolf like no one else has – not even Woolf herself. Bechdel’s dream sequences are told and drawn with so much ferocity that they begin to seep into the non -dream sequences asContinue reading “Tuesday, 6:45 pm, Department”

When Women Tie their Hair in a Bun, Leave Them Alone

Writing must become writing. Writing must become the want to write even if the desk is unkempt, and there are a hundred others things one should be doing, one could be doing. Writing must become slapping all other things off the table to make room for the dull heat of the net book, the coldContinue reading “When Women Tie their Hair in a Bun, Leave Them Alone”