G for Gumption

The first syllable of this word comes from nowhere in particular. Your tongue hangs about without really touching anything in the mouth, making room for its own stomach to gather the ‘guh’. Indeed, it’s a word that requires more than your mouth to say it. It needs the tightness of your fists & the firmnessContinue reading “G for Gumption”

What 2018 taught me

This news story from yesterday cheered me up. “I was feeling cold and I thought Ambedkar would be feeling the same, and therefore I have covered him with a blanket and lit a bonfire near the statue” This is the sort of story that Gabito would have loved – the sort that Manto showed us soContinue reading “What 2018 taught me”

P for Political. A for Aadhar

Sometime in the month of October, I wondered if my blog was developing a certain direction. It’s because I read and wrote more about caste than I have about anything else this year. A lot of my posts and essays this year were attempts at making sense of my life, work, and relationships and IContinue reading “P for Political. A for Aadhar”