Once Upon a Rainy Mangalore Day

When it rained in Mangalore, amma made us wear raincoats and carry umbrellas but we’d still get wet. One afternoon after school we went looking for a new house in an auto. The broker was on his bike in front of us, his feet slanting upward on both footrests. We followed his yellow raincoat. TheContinue reading “Once Upon a Rainy Mangalore Day”

Mangalore, Dec 2017

Some cities are like Bollywood songs. You might forget the lyrics but you’ll still remember the tune, one or two specific words, the hero’s jataks, and the heroine’s mataks. Mangalore is that ooru. I’ll only know it through its sounds. The frogs are alive and croaking, the trucks on the Kottara Chowki highway drone onContinue reading “Mangalore, Dec 2017”