What they told me

Living alone is a skill, like running long distance or programming old computers. You have to know parameters, protocols. You have to learn them so well that they become like a language: to have music always so that the silence doesn’t overwhelm you, to perform your work exquisitely well so that your time is filled.Continue reading “What they told me”


Traveling with the family has always been a messy affair for me. Dad has unhindered access to me and what I wear and what I eat and how I live; the comments ensue, the match begins. But this happens only now, although oddly enough it seems like there’s a history that’s older than me whenContinue reading “Thiruvananthapuram”

Evil things and all

Luke: ‘There isn’t anything like family to screw up a marriage’ Lorelai: ‘Well in my case, there isn’t anything like family to screw up a family’ Between running around from film to film, venue to venue and from cheerfully waking up in the morning to grumpily entering the home a half hour before midnight, IContinue reading “Evil things and all”