O for Onion

In English, I always pause before pronouncing it (Anion or Onion?) I once bought a wooden chopping board because it’s how onions were chopped on cooking shows. Needless to say, the board broke in half & was last seen sitting mutely above the fridge. Ajji sliced the Kannada eerulli sitting on an ಈಳಿಗೆಮಣೆ (elige mane)Continue reading “O for Onion”

Z for Zingat

For #DalitHistoryMonth, I’m curating an archive of short essays on nothing and everything. It’ll be done like an A to Z challenge. I’m petrified that I won’t be able to do it everyday but I want to try. We’ll begin with Z. Z is for Zingat. Zingat is more feeling than meaning. You can perhaps understandContinue reading “Z for Zingat”

Why so much extra?

Chhapaak (2020) has an interesting moment that I want to remember. Malti (Deepika Padukone) and her team are in the office, celebrating the new amendment in the IPC (326 A and 326 B – which ensures a separate section for acid attacks) There is a cake that says ‘Happy Birthday 326 A 326 B’ –Continue reading “Why so much extra?”

Ram ka kya hoga? Part III of the Dalit Women Speak Out Conference

Premalata is a 23- year-old MBA graduate from Telangana. I met her on Day Two of the Dalit Women Speak Out conference in Pune, 20 Dec 2017. When I first saw her, she was angrily untangling the beads from her dupatta. She had just ended a very upsetting phone conversation. She snapped the phone shutContinue reading “Ram ka kya hoga? Part III of the Dalit Women Speak Out Conference”