R for Reading

My memory of watching Appa read is soaked in the sound of his laughter. I cannot separate the two. He’d have a ಬೀchi (Beechi) book open on his stomach, his back straight, his fingers firm on the spine. When he began laughing, the room had to hold its breath. His belly moving, his body shaking,Continue reading “R for Reading”

Of Borrowed Bikinis

It’s what families do to me. It’s what my family does to me. This feeling that they are taking away from me what is mine – my body, my space, my idea of who I am and who I want to be like. It feels the way bodies sometimes react to danger. Like how 5Continue reading “Of Borrowed Bikinis”


Traveling with the family has always been a messy affair for me. Dad has unhindered access to me and what I wear and what I eat and how I live; the comments ensue, the match begins. But this happens only now, although oddly enough it seems like there’s a history that’s older than me whenContinue reading “Thiruvananthapuram”

Plot calling the kettle black

Kitty’s life had just changed  I am going to write a short story about a girl whose life is just about to change  The eagle is a majestic bird  I have never been so happy in my life  How do people find things to write about on days like these? Do I write about howContinue reading “Plot calling the kettle black”

Runaway Granny!

This is a story that I have wanted to tell for some time now. I didn’t really know it was a story so I didn’t bother looking there all this while.  It became a story this morning when I eavesdropped on a conversation that my mother and sister were having about my grandmother. My fatherContinue reading “Runaway Granny!”