I see in my mind sepia photographs of women in coffee shops

I see in my mind, sepia photographs of women in coffee shops. One is sitting by the window, hand in hair, palm on cheek, looking out the window. One is sitting with a book, not reading. One is sitting with her coffee, waiting. Waiting waiting waiting. And then I see Eiffel tower in black andContinue reading “I see in my mind sepia photographs of women in coffee shops”

Marzipan & Cotton Sarees

I finally went to Marzipan on Tuesday. I took a roundabout of Ulsoor lake and landed at a junction I should have paid attention to much earlier. When I got there, I was relieved to find that it had an accessible parking spot – something that Bangalore has taught me to look for, so meanly.Continue reading “Marzipan & Cotton Sarees”

Over Cups of Ginger Tea and Brandy

There is an odd gratification in the desire to go back to somebody’s past, not yours, to see how they laughed, lived and loved. The first few conversations leave you high and dry. You sit huddled at a table in front of them, your hands cupping your chin, listening with rapt attention to stories, toContinue reading “Over Cups of Ginger Tea and Brandy”

The Parisian Cafe

Yesterday at PC, an English something woman came by to meet 2 other English something old women. Something about women my grandmother’s age speaking English makes me sit up in my seat and gawk at them. So I was gawking and soon I started barfing because one of them was groping dog to make himContinue reading “The Parisian Cafe”

Overheard at The Parisian Cafe

I have decided that I want to come here every day and not just because this place is like the café that I have always wanted to go sit and be by myself at but also because I get to eavesdrop on the most interesting conversations here. Also because I think I have finally foundContinue reading “Overheard at The Parisian Cafe”