Small joys for Rum Lola Rum

  Hello, So this is my website (haw — never thought I’d say this) but you are now at Bought a damn domain to celebrate 300 posts. It’s a Valentine gift to myself. I believe I have withdrawal symptoms and worry that I will never be able to write again without the soft pinkishContinue reading “Small joys for Rum Lola Rum”

The month that was

Saturday was a fun day. I watched Delicacy with my students and liked it more this time. Later, we watched a stage portrait of Einstein in the college auditorium. I sat in the front row which may have, just may have, made me like the play more. A shortish review to come soon. After the play,Continue reading “The month that was”

Sex without love and other impossibilities

All of today has been productive. I wish I live everyday with the same fervor as today. Although said fervor came from stalking women and their blogs. Anyway, one such stalking hour took me to this poem which has made me see sense – a solution to my needless self pitying sprees. I found the poemContinue reading “Sex without love and other impossibilities”