B for Basavanagudi

The neighbors have been flying kites & on some mornings I see silent blue threads hanging uselessly from the tabebuia tree outside our home. This morning, Appa rescued a pigeon struggling to free itself from one of those threads. The thread, streaked with blood, was caught in the pigeon’s wings & lodged deep inside theContinue reading “B for Basavanagudi”

BQFF Diaries: Days Two & Three – 10/3/18 & 11/3/18

4:20 PM: Missed Portrait of Jason. The auditorium is full of heads bobbing, nodding, and laughing so I hang out at the stairs for a bit. At 5:45 there’s some room, so I squeeze in next to two women who smile as they make place for me. My toe pokes the big man’s bum inContinue reading “BQFF Diaries: Days Two & Three – 10/3/18 & 11/3/18”

BQFF Diaries, Day One – 9/3/18

As always, the darkness in the auditorium at Max Mueller was inviting, not too cold; and my first glimpse of whatever was on screen was the bluish glow from the white mattresses on the floor, and the various bodies sprawled on it. When one is in the auditorium for the first hour of BQFF, oneContinue reading “BQFF Diaries, Day One – 9/3/18”

Once upon a not so long ago

If like me, you come from an adolescence that didn’t know it was happening while it was happening, if you weren’t aware of the joys that investing in oneself can bring — if you made the mistake of making one person central to your entire life, then you will hurry through the remainder of yourContinue reading “Once upon a not so long ago”

Meta Diaries – Days Three, Four, Five and Six

Day Three The film review contest had 20 participants. Some lizards wanted to know the name of the film so they could watch it aaram se at home. Some Dengue mosquitoes decided to participate only if the name of the film sounded interesting. So what did we screen? Let’s just say that when I closedContinue reading “Meta Diaries – Days Three, Four, Five and Six”

Meta Diaries – Days One and Two

Day One Like every year, we wondered if we have the energy to run Meta. And like every year we decided we don’t have the energy – that we need to shrink Meta down to a manageable size, and like every year, we did it anyway. Today was the inaugural of the sixth edition ofContinue reading “Meta Diaries – Days One and Two”