For the 300th Blog Post

What can I say today that hasn’t already been said – Except that I am happy 3 times, happy happy —- I could say I am glad that I didn’t stop writing Not when people laughed and cried- Not even when they played drinking games, and made bon-fiery jokes about caste and capacity —- IContinue reading “For the 300th Blog Post”

One whistle for the city

I’m falling in love with cities sooner than I’ve fallen in love with people.  What is this fascination that won’t go away? My grinning childhood might be stuck here or is it my heavy, remorseful body wading through teasing memories of slow afternoons?  I see my mother’s smiling face in all these cities – herContinue reading “One whistle for the city”

In that small room with purple walls

In that small room with purple walls You sat on the bed, giggling like water in a moving jug. When I tried to touch you, you slapped my hands away and giggled some more.   In the bathroom, my water was ready – The door locked – the lights, dim. You banged on the doorContinue reading “In that small room with purple walls”