1. Finish reading a book in a day.
  2. Write everyday for a month.
  3. Travel someplace alone.
  4. Move out – buy a cheap place somewhere and live alone.
  5. Be better at small talk.
  6. Backpack across East Europe.
  7. Be a travel writer for a year.
  8. Get something published before turning 26.
  9. Write and publish a novel before turning 30.
  10. Kiss somebody I know.
  11. Kiss a total stranger.
  12. Get a tattoo on my waist.
  13. Smile non stop for one whole day.
  14. Not cry for a month.
  15. Get Vargas Llosa’s autograph on my bosom.
  16. Read all of Vargas Llosa’s books before I let him touch my bosom.
  17. Para dive off Andes mountains.
  18. Find out where Andes mountains are.
  19. Rock climb across Grand Canyon.
  20. Learn how to swim.
  21. Practice Yoga for a month.
  22. Wake up early everyday for a year.
  23. Plan and stick to my schedule for a week.
  24. Drink at a bar alone.
  25. Adopt a St. Bernard Puppy and throw it out after it grows up.
  26. Travel abroad on work.
  27. Wear a LBD with heels.
  28. Be pregnant for a day.
  29. Have a student come and tell me that they enjoy my classes.
  30. Be somebody’s wife for a day.
  31. Wear a wedding gown for a day.

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