Gilmore girls.

Mornings that I wake up early and get work done before 9:00 AM

Elaichi tea

Nothing happens as planned in class because we are arguing over god knows what


The smell of mud, paint, dust from old books, libraries. Yes, I have Pica.

Also the smell of my department, coffee, sea, seafood, cold mornings, sandalwood, elaichi chai, fresh bread, coconut fish curry and crab


Snuggling under a warm rug on cold nights and colder mornings.

Traveling alone.

A day well spent at work.

Salary credited message.

Spending money on books, booze and food.

Unexpected holidays on days that I have 4 classes

Watching movies about women and writing.

Watching Rom coms.

The beach.

The idea of living alone.

Watching the rain and not getting wet in it.

Going to Stationery shops and buying stuff in bulk.

Writing my name on new books.

Handmade journals

Sleeping after brunch.

Quiet evenings.

The feeling I get when I am about to get addicted to something, like a TV show or a story.

Letting go after struggling a lot

Water bottles full to the brim

Staring into the washing machine and watching dirt being squeezed out of clothes

The smell of Lizol fresh – Pine flavour

That moment when everybody leaves the department and I am alone

 Wine bottles

Mixed fried rice at K

Ceramic Tea Mugs

Mushrooms – sauteed, anything.

Watching cat videos


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