L for Los Angeles

As young children having recently moved to Bangalore in 1999, my cousins & I were fascinated with the Bangalore sky. It seemed like it was full of possibilities in a way we hadn’t learned to look for in other cities that we’d lived in. It was here that we fully grasped the idea of anContinue reading “L for Los Angeles”

Because of Joan Didion

I mentioned Joan Didion for the first time in Seattle today. I must have said her name in my mind plenty of times but for the first time today, in Seattle (I cannot say this enough) I said her name out loud to my roommate. My roommate is from Lebanon. Her name is Maha. SheContinue reading “Because of Joan Didion”

To Bombay from Bombay

I must return to Bombay for several reasons. One because I tricked myself into believing that a poem is enough but it never is and two because I am reading Vivian Gornick. Seven years between you and a city of your childhood is enough to make you want to give up everything in its honour.Continue reading “To Bombay from Bombay”

One whistle for the city

I’m falling in love with cities sooner than I’ve fallen in love with people.  What is this fascination that won’t go away? My grinning childhood might be stuck here or is it my heavy, remorseful body wading through teasing memories of slow afternoons?  I see my mother’s smiling face in all these cities – herContinue reading “One whistle for the city”


2015 Some cities share their stories with us so fiercely that when we leave, we don’t miss them anymore because their stories quietly replace them. For the longest time, Delhi was lived quite precariously within the strong red walls of Karnataka Bhavan and its sombre neighbour, Ansal Plaza. This was where we headed to forContinue reading “Dilli”