Category: In Between


When I was 23 and a seemingly pesky girlfriend, I discovered Zomato and all the various voyeuristic delights it offered. In much the naïve way, I had also introduced my unadventurous boyfriend to ‘Chungh Wah’, […]


Like the notes you make in an auto which go into some drawer later, and you don’t see them ever again Like the debit card that goes into your front pocket instead of your wallet, […]

My 100th

Motes of dust floating happily in sun lit corridors thinly sliced onions the smell of ghee and onions frying baked potatoes and chicken Thin crust cheese and pepperoni pizza Rasam with spices drowning inside it […]

Self pity

Like prisoners, they line up one after the other waiting to enter space. Mind, body and soul. A thought, an image, a song, a movie scene and you feel the corners of your mind opening […]