A case for Podcasts and Rom-coms

This semester was odd but gratifying. I was just back from a surgery – so every step I took on campus was measured, aware, and keen on changing history – or at least understanding it. Would I not have broken my ankle if my fuckall big bum hadn’t landed on it? If it hadn’t rained,Continue reading “A case for Podcasts and Rom-coms”


***GoT Spoiler alert*** Sometimes ordinary people do extraordinary things. And even if the ordinary people have surprised us before, we tell ourselves not to expect great things from them because the stupid world trains us only to imagine extraordinary things, not believe them. Either way, Arya Stark reminded us yesterday that if you only keepContinue reading “Ordinary”

Part One – Meta Diaries: What does Fire in the Tongue mean?

Meta is seven-years-old. I will keep coming back to this again and again, but let’s move on for now. The theme this year is Fire in the Tongue. It can mean anything you want it to mean. At the inauguration however, it came to mean something else and I can’t see it any other wayContinue reading “Part One – Meta Diaries: What does Fire in the Tongue mean?”

What 2018 taught me

This news story from yesterday cheered me up. “I was feeling cold and I thought Ambedkar would be feeling the same, and therefore I have covered him with a blanket and lit a bonfire near the statue” This is the sort of story that Gabito would have loved – the sort that Manto showed us soContinue reading “What 2018 taught me”

Listening to Dorianne Laux: Pause. Poetry

Reading Dorianne Laux’s poems is like taking in a deep breath and realizing that your lungs have never been used this way before – that all these days, you have wasted their capacity to hold, and you begin to worry – now that you have discovered it – this late in life – is thereContinue reading “Listening to Dorianne Laux: Pause. Poetry”