Category: Dalit History Month

I have tried to remain as honest as possible with each of these posts. For once, I haven’t withheld from saving something for later or for a better time. I gave it all & feel very full.

It was a deliberate decision to include desire, pleasure, food, & love as frequently as possible because they are just as important to my stories as pain & struggle are. I had no idea where this was going when I began but I am glad I made myself write. I overshot by 20 days and when I knew this was going to happen, I wanted to tear my hair out but learnt to let go. I hope you can take love from here and take it wherever you go.

X for Xerox

After the board exam results are out, you are in school with your mother to collect your transfer certificate. Your science teacher with the kindest smile runs into you and asks you what you want […]

Z for Zingat

For #DalitHistoryMonth, I’m curating an archive of short essays on nothing and everything. It’ll be done like an A to Z challenge. I’m petrified that I won’t be able to do it everyday but I want […]