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I have tried to remain as honest as possible with each of these posts. For once, I haven’t withheld from saving something for later or for a better time. I gave it all & feel very full.

It was a deliberate decision to include desire, pleasure, food, & love as frequently as possible because they are just as important to my stories as pain & struggle are. I had no idea where this was going when I began but I am glad I made myself write. I overshot by 20 days and when I knew this was going to happen, I wanted to tear my hair out but learnt to let go. I hope you can take love from here and take it wherever you go.

O for Onion

In English, I always pause before pronouncing it (Anion or Onion?) I once bought a wooden chopping board because it’s how onions were chopped on cooking shows. Needless to say, the board broke in half […]