On some mornings I wake up early to write. When I can’t, I stare at the screen. If I am upset, I cry. If I am not, I go look at the trees and the birds. I listen to dabba music and feel inspired. I teach under-grad students at a college in Bangalore. I like the comfort of a routine. When it gets messy, I crib about not having time to write. When I have time, I don’t write and still crib. I like listening to podcasts on writing. I don’t bite but I can get nasty. If I like you, I might bite you and then we will have chai. If I don’t like you, it’s probably because you also don’t like me. I like walking. I went to Goa and fell in love with a dog I named bleach because I found him on a beach and he was a little yellow. He followed me around. He was a happy dog. I miss him. I like watching films, I like watching TV shows. I love women. I can tolerate some men. I like the morning light when it falls on things like the floor, books, bed, windows, faces. I like rain. I like having Elaichi chai when it rains but this never happens because my timing is horrible. By the time the chai is ready, the rain goes. I have a big laugh. I like laughing. I like wearing loose clothes. I don’t like not writing. I don’t like writing either but it’s the only thing I want to get better at.

I am here – https://www.instagram.com/rumlolarum/

and also here – https://twitter.com/rumlolarum

Have a nice day.


  1. Hi,
    I have been reading your blog frequently since I discovered it through an article on TLF (the one on the Dalit Women Speak Out conference). I am filled with so much gratitude for your writing. Your posts are empowering, unapologetic, vulnerable, and rare. Your writing has a spark that makes me warm. Thank you.


  2. I loved your article on Kaala, and shared it. Who are you, Vijeta Kumar, I wondered and came here to investigate. Beautiful…the very best and many thanks!


      1. Hello Vijeta,

        Your article on the book,”The illicit happiness of other people” is impeccable. I recently finished reading that book!

        I am still confused regarding the reason for Unni’s death. He was considered to be the ‘Anti-corpse’. Did he take his life because he could not control his temptations towards Mythili, and felt that the syndicate of life has overpowered will?


  3. Hi Vijeta,

    I have been following your blog for quite some time now and I am in love with it. Whenever I am bored, I visit your blog. I read your old posts. I find you honest and funny. You say the most real things. I have to pause after sentences just to digest it and also because I am filled with awe. Your writing makes me want to write more. Some instances really touched me (like the way you felt sitting alone at a table in Goa or how a Dhanush’s song taught you to write, dance shamelessly). I share your blog with my friends and tell them to read this and read that. They love it too!!

    Always looking forward to your next post. Keep writing πŸ™‚

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  4. Hello Ma’am,

    I just finished reading your piece about your Appa on Huffington Post. When I was a student of English literature, I always struggled with ‘literariness’, because I didn’t know fancy words or entwining sentences that go on for pages and win Bookers’ Prizes. I memorised and learned them because I was told that only they can make writing beautiful.

    Thank you for proving this wrong. Your piece left me in tears. It was piercing yet gentle, and absolutely incredible. You are a gift.


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