On some mornings I wake up early to write. When I can’t, I stare at the screen. If I am upset, I cry. If I am not, I go look at the trees and the birds. I listen to dabba music and feel inspired. I teach under-grad students at a college in Bangalore. I like the comfort of a routine. When it gets messy, I crib about not having time to write. When I have time, I don’t write and still crib. I like listening to podcasts on writing. I don’t bite but I can get nasty. If I like you, I might bite you and then we will have chai. If I don’t like you, it’s probably because you also don’t like me. I like walking. I went to Goa and fell in love with a dog I named bleach because I found him on a beach and he was a little yellow. He followed me around. He was a happy dog. I miss him. I like watching films, I like watching TV shows. I love women. I can tolerate some men. I like the morning light when it falls on things like the floor, books, bed, windows, faces. I like rain. I like having Elaichi chai when it rains but this never happens because my timing is horrible. By the time the chai is ready, the rain goes. I have a big laugh. I like laughing. I like wearing loose clothes. I don’t like not writing. I don’t like writing either but it’s the only thing I want to get better at.

I am here – https://www.instagram.com/rumlolarum/

and also here – https://twitter.com/rumlolarum

Have a nice day.