In Between

A Tuesday in December

Last night, I downed half a glass of wine and watched Hannah and her Sisters. I am going through a Woody Allen phase. Waking up was hard, had to skip Yoga to beat the 9:00 am traffic. I used a new soap today. It was very soapy and not creamy at all. In college, my day got interesting. After running around a lil bit to wrap up some tax documents, I – wow. I have tax documents and all. God, I feel like such a grown-up. It’s also not that scary anymore. I just need to stop being lazy.

Back in the department, I made chai and settled with Faulkner. I had to reread those three pages again. It was difficult because of all the names. But after 30 pages, I didn’t want to do anything else but read Faulkner. It’s rattling. I made two post-it notes today. Both pink. One had a list of all the reading I have to catch up on over the weekend. The other had a list of writing projects.

On instinct, I opened the London word document again. This piece was due a week after my return from Europe. It has been seven months now. It gave me troubles and that’s why I had to put it away. I had made a habit of opening it, looking at it, feeling disgusted with the writing and going back to my sad little life. This happened everyday for two months and then I couldn’t look at it anymore.

I was thinking of a short-story to show my students. A story written in second-person narrative. I read Lorrie Moore’s How to Become a Writer and then it hit me. What I hadn’t been doing with my piece.

I sat for an hour after that and changed all the I’s to You’s. It’s more readable now and in better shape than it has been in months. But it still needs work. In class, I think they liked the Lorrie Moore story. More than their predecessors did.

After class, I wanted to write so here I am. If the other Tuesdays are like today, I will grin throughout the year. I watched Tamasha last evening. I liked the first-half of the movie. The second -half scared me. That mad storytelling  – baba is frightening. Why did he have to scream so much? The film took forever to move from screen to screen. I was perpetually worried that I was going to be stuck watching one scene for 15 minutes, which at one point did happen.

I must go to book-worm today and put my coupon to good use. I also have Marzipan to go to today. I can’t believe I am still on the lookout for my replacement Parisian. So you know what they went and did to Parisian Cafe? Turned it into some hoity-toity apartment grocery shopping dump.I am not amused.

In Between

What be this booty?

I remembered that I was supposed to buy the lovely Hang on my blasted Europe trip only after I saw a BIFFES poster in Bengaluru airport after my return. The Hang is sold only in Switzerland and one has to be some kind of a musical genius to be able to buy it. They don’t just sell it to anybody. I first saw the instrument in My Sweet Pepperland where the beautiful Golshifteh Farahani plays it. I have never felt compelled to want to know more about an instrument before. The Hang drove me to research. I listened to various other bald men play. At first it became my writing music. Then it became stalkerish, as is always the case with me. I found out that only a handful of people today own the Hang.

Still from My Sweet Pepperland. Golshifteh Farahani playing the Hang. Courtesy Tumblr.

Here’s a clip from the movie, My Sweet Pepperland.

My deep deep attraction for this woman grew ten-fold after I watched this movie. For the first time in my  life, I felt like playing an instrument.

Sadly, they have stopped producing the Hang because the makers are trying to focus on perfecting the Gubal, another instrument which is pretty much like the Hang, except that it is clearer and the sounds are somewhat more pronounced. I still think that the Hang is more melodious though.

Effing Switzerland.

P.S: Here’s some extra booty for Golshifteh fans.