First days

It’s June already! Where is my list? Where are my ‘To dos’ for the holidays? They are all laughing at me. And they are doing it very loudly; so loudly that I cannot hear my own irritation. The holidays are big messers of lists. I got nothing on my list that I can scratch off because I didn’t do anything. Official first day of classes today and I feel the exact same way I did on my first day. Nervous, excited and suspicious about how I am doing what I’ve been doing for so long.

Can’t really say I wish I had more holidays because I am absolutely unproductive during holidays. All I care about is eating and sleeping and watching. Such a bulk waste. In other news, I had a great first day! And I’m not crying about having to wake up early, thanks to the trip with the family right before college reopened. 

It’s June so soon. Let the games begin!