Keep your friends close, but enemies closer? Um, Thanks but no Thanks.

The friend who loved you. So much that she started to make your personal life hers: 

You will always be my first best friend and last. I don’t deny missing you even after all that bad blood between us. You were special to me and always will be. I just cannot get over the fact that you tried to control and own my life and also the people in it. I shared my love life with you so you could be a part of something that’s important in my life, not so you could manipulate it. The reason I never drew boundaries between us was because I trusted you to know your limits without being reminded of them but as it turns out BOUNDARIES ARE IMPORTANT.

Bullying 10,000 mutual friends to come and meet you at the cafe so you can force them to hate me?  – Do it all you want sweetie, too bad though that half of them you spent time and money on, ended up coming back to me with bloodshot eyes and a warning to never ever let you back in my life. And the other half? Blah. They never mattered much anyway, besides you’ve always been a persuasive bully. So… SCORE!

It’s cold and icy what you left on my back – I have forgiven you but I continue to gloat over the fact that you aren’t in my life anymore and that my last parting gift to you was the impression of my foot on your butt when I kicked you out of my life.

The undesirables:

I don’t quite know what else to call this stinking, lying and dirty pack of rowdies. Ones’ that you and I have so often seen by the college gates ogling at anything female that moves. I hate myself for not having recognized animals of this kind. They haunt you and your thoughts with such monstrosity that they become capable of turning anything pleasant and beautiful into ugly and really really ugly. They are downright sexist and even if one of them were to be imprisoned tomorrow for having eve teased or something worse, I will not be surprised. Having said that I will do everything in my power to bring them before the system and not rest until they are punished.

These are exactly the kind of people that contribute to a culture that normalizes evils like eve teasing and rape. Slut walk is the perfect response to these rapists. A far too strong word to use, I am aware. Nevertheless, that’s what they are: Hungrily drooling and ogling at women of all ages and sizes. Preaching to fellow males about what a true ‘man’, ‘woman’ is. Pretending to be serious about a girl and then ruining her life, to marry someone else.Well, you know the kind. Enough said.

The bullies in college ( Even at a Post Graduation level, Yes)

The spiteful, bitter, full of hate kind, the kind that bitch about people who DO NOT smoke or drink and also about people who do not like the things that they do or like the things that they hate. They are usually a pair and are hardly seen without each other. But that’s because they know that they are at their weakest without the other, thereby making the experience of bullying without the other, unwholesome. Moreover, there is that constant threat of being yelled back by people who do not succumb to their bullying.

Both unparalleled in their competition with each other to prove who’s the bully, they pick on people who they know do not defend themselves and go on a hate rampage about people who do.

They are aware of feminism and claim to be feminists too but the minute they see somebody fat, and a fat woman at that, they have fat things to comment. Evidently, they are body conscious and suck off the patriarchy endorsed structure of body image and beauty.

A friend according to them is someone who can join with their bullying, someone who will stop being friends with someone that the bullies don’t like. Someone who likes the same things that they do, Someone who can hate people and show it with pride, even though there is no reason to.

And should you dare to be happy during times when they are unhappy (which is pretty much, ALWAYS. I wonder why (NOT), then be prepared to be hated. They don’t care what the reason may be, you have absolutely no right to be happy when the bullies are unhappy. For instance you cannot turn up at a Christmas party with your boyfriend (even though he has been invited) when a bully is recovering from a break up. Should you turn up at said event, then all the moments that you share with your boyfriend are apparently aimed at the bully. Clearly, bullies have insecurity issues but to parade these issues openly? Yes, these bullies are a rare breed. They thrive on hating people.

Ever heard of people hating other people because of this and this and that? Obviously you identify the reason before you start to hate somebody. Well, not these bullies. They first start hating people and then try to look for a reason. And evidently it does not matter if they don’t find a reason. Hating is apparently their birthright and they will have it.  

There will come a time when one of the bullies will realize or pretend to realize that the other bully is a mean-spirited evil thing. And I kid you not, he/she will also be humane enough to see the things that they have said in the past and try to mend their ways. You may even begin to see them minus the bullying instinct and after doing so, be kind to them; but as they apparently say “BULLIES WILL BE BULLIES”

Soon, they go back to their old ways and open the bully club. You get the idea.

The Female Patriarch :

Most commonly seen bonding with the aforementioned undesirables, the lady in question here has more in common with the undesirables than just the nomenclature. They both, for instance share a mutual view of women and how they ought to be. That apart, the belief that women are objects designed to please men. Although, I must add that the female patriarch here goes a step further and sanctions rape and eve teasing. Apparently “when women dress in a certain way, they deserve to be eve teased and raped. Sexy no?

Since she is a believer, like most others, in God, Religion and by that extension Patriarchy, she will not utter a word when another boy or girl is fighting with the undesirables regarding the age old battle between the sexes. She chooses to sit in a corner and play the “good girl” part. More often than not she even supports the undesirables since “being a girl, she ought to be one”

P.S: Yes, I rant.

The women

Robin Scherbatsky came into my life like much needed bacon on mornings that eggs aren’t allowed to be eaten at home, like Saturdays. My bacon reference is because she was fresh from what I had been stalking until then. Lorelai Gilmore, Rachel Green blah blah blah… I like these women because they brought to me more than just whom they were dating. I don’t mean the strong, rounded characters and other such bull here, speaking of which what the fuck is a rounded character? What does it mean? That they are round? Heard too much of that. Anyhow, for a long time those were the women I wanted to be like.

I liked Rachel Green because she snapped out of her secure world of daddy’s yacht and credit cards and being rich orthodontist’s wife and became her own person much like Lorelai Gilmore. These women stepped out of a rich world to see if they could survive and they did. Naïve, I know. There are 100 different scenarios doing kathak in my head right now. Don’t get me wrong, I know that these are plastic women and white. But that doesn’t stop pampered spoilt girls like me from dreaming about breaking out of our own shells and becoming independent.

Robin I grew fond of,  because she had the courage to turn down what could have been the perfect love life for her because it got in the way of who she was and her work. No matter how deep the promise of romance was – stability, faithfulness, consistency and all that crap. She still said no. It takes not just courage but an immense understanding and respect for the self to do that. And that is the woman I want to be like. Why am I still appreciating women who are able to do that? Because I’m still not able to do that and I don’t know how long it is going to be before I can.

Finding self can be a pain in the ass. And I couldn’t be in a better position to tell you why. There are so many things to choose from, so many things that define you. It’s crazy. Do I want to be the girl who found true love at 16 and got married to him happily ever after? Do I want to be the girl who has an hour of brilliant love making session and then leaves immediately after? Am I strong enough to be in an open relationship? What the fuck does open mean anyway?  

I do know that I cannot get physically intimate with somebody without falling head over heels madly in love with them. That also means I do not want to marry them and have their kids. That also means I cannot casually date them. That also means I cannot see them once a week, make love and then go off. I value connections. I value relationships so what the fuck am I?

Right when I was in the middle of this horseshit, I met Jessica day. She didn’t change my life and all that but I stopped taking myself all too seriously. I think it had something to do with the fact that Jess is far different from any of the characters I usually look up to. She isn’t in the least bit independent, cannot do one night stands, wants love and care, gives people blankets and homemade cup cakes before starting a conversation with them; likes ribbons and adores pink, doesn’t think it’s necessary to stand up to herself at all, smiles her way out of difficult situations and is very touchy-feely.

For somebody who has been mesmerised with Robin’s non touchy feely diktat, Jessica may come off as blah… but that’s the great thing about New Girl. It acknowledges the need for creating strong and independent women characters but also gives you a taste of Jess who is real and independent in her own weird ways. She’s flesh and bones and believable. She reinstates certain girly things in ways that you will not want to question because, so what?

She likes pink, she likes blanket-cupcake during conversations, she likes passing around what is called a ‘feel-stick’ to allow people to share their feelings (remember she is a teacher) and she’s not ashamed. In some ways, she seems to be asking you the question ‘does revolution have to come only by hating pink’? She can be touchy feely and still be the most amazingly in touch with herself.

This is what I have picked up from watching 14 episodes of New Girl. That it’s ok to not have everything figured out yet, that I don’t have to be like just one of these characters. I can choose to be who I want to be each day. There are so many to pick from. I owe this person a huge thank you for making me see that I don’t have to take myself so seriously. I can just chill for now.


Overheard at The Parisian Cafe

I have decided that I want to come here every day and not just because this place is like the café that I have always wanted to go sit and be by myself at but also because I get to eavesdrop on the most interesting conversations here. Also because I think I have finally found a dog companion. I am going to call him dog. He’s nice – doesn’t bark or stare or anything. He sits next to me and wags his tail. Now and then he will look up at me, walk and then come back and sit. I have not touched him yet. Too soon no?

Scene 1

Two girls.

Girl 1 over the phone (looks slightly upset): arre, tere wajhe se doctor ke paas jaa rahi hoon, samajh mein nahi aata kya tere ko? Davai leni pad rahi hai teri waja se. samajh raha hai na?


Toh sabka apna apna tarika hota hai na stress se deal karne ke liye, toh this is my way. Tu kyu beech mein tang lada raha hai?

Listen, abhi mujhe baat nahi karni hai, tu chup chaap phone rakh de.

Girl  2: Kya bol raha hai?

Girl 1 – arre chod yaar, kitni baar samjhaa sakti hoon? Sometimes I am also human no?


Scene 2 –

Two teenage boys (Around 16)

Bro 1 – So, bro what have you decided?

Bro 2 – See bro, it doesn’t make sense anymore so you only tell.

Bro 1 – It’s as if you are leaving me for one girl.

Bro 2 – No No it’s like you are leaving one boy to be with one boy (walks away sadly)

Bro 1 – Come here, come here. What do you mean? What have you done for me?

Bro 2 – What have YOU done for me?

Bro 1 – What have I NOT done for you?

Bro 2 – No no, first tell what have you done for me?

Bro 1 – Didn’t I set you up with Srilekha?

Bro 2 – Go man, what set up? Am I in a relationship with srilekha?

Bro 1 – Oh ho so fucker, you want to be in a relationship with srilekha va?

*Bro 2 disappears*


Scene 3:

3 young men

Boy 1 – kal ka match kya ba woh. Catch miss nai kiya hota toh mathar chod RCB eech winn.

Boy 2 – Pakda miss hua, phir se pakda miss hua, neeche gaya , haath tilt hua. Ball miss hua.

Kya phada re.

Boy 3- Next over mein bhi  chaar 6 maarta unhe. Chod re.


Boy 2 – Dhoondha nai jaga?

Boy 3 – Hau.. ek dekha mein church street social ki kya ki

Boy 1 – Kaha pe?

Boy 3 – Church street pe re.


Blee. Found a new job until college reopens.


To Mr and Mrs Smith…

I watched Mr and Mrs Smith in the rainy month of June 2005. It wasn’t easy. Too much coaxing had to be done. I was nigh on 16 so going to the movies with friends was simply out of question.  I held my ground. Discussions ensued. A decision was finally made. I could go only if I was accompanied by my older cousin who worked night shifts. Bad enough she wasn’t a big fan of movies, I had to drag her along with me to watch the damned movie on the only day she got to sleep at home. So, guilt ridden and excited I dragged 2 of my sisters to watch the movie. I liked it. And then I decided to never tell the Gilmores about any of movie outings.

My next big movie outing was arranged in full secrecy. A bunch of friends from college and I went to catch Dus at Rex.  It took me half a day to realise that this whole business of watching a movie with friends was a big deal only for me.  Everybody else seemed unexcited and casual, even. I was disappointed because it was the first time in my life I was somewhere I was not supposed to be and nobody seemed to recognize or share my pleasure. My parents didn’t know where I was and that was the best thing about the whole movie outing. I felt great when I returned home knowing how I spent my day. It felt good to have lied and gone out for a day with friends, which if I had asked permission for, I would never have been allowed.

Further down the years, lying became my only way of getting what I wanted. I did try the truth occasionally but when I saw that it made their control over me seem tighter, I decided to stick with lies for the rest of my life. My Pre university days at home were horrible. Every movement was watched. So much so that mother faked coming late to a PTA meeting and arrived early so she could  hide behind some pillar to see who I talk to. She did this twice.

Key among incidents like these is two of the worst tantrums that they pulled. Dad – because he saw a boy’s name on my phone. Mom – because I asked to spend the night with my friend (a girl) because it was her birthday. Plates were thrown, dinner was abandoned and she sped up to her room, crying because I stubbornly wanted to go.

And then when I had to go on my next trip, I lied. And everything became super easy for me. I have had an educational excuse for every trip since then. And I realised I don’t have to deal with any of their tantrums at all because I was saving them the trouble of having to educate and bring culture to an ill cultured daughter; by lying to them about where I was going and with whom.

I must confess I take great pleasure in doing this. Even now as I am typing all of this, I cannot help but feel a little proud of myself for having done what I did. But, there is a but. The fact that I am an adult now and should be able to do what I want to without having to lie. Or the fact that there are days when I wonder if really telling them the truth would be so bad. Or the fact that maybe at some level I am still scared of them which is why I feel the excessive need to lie and cover up my flaws – which is that I am not as mature as I would like to be.

I don’t know if I’ll ever grow out of this phase. But I can see that I can only move forward if I forgive them and myself and realise that no matter how many tantrums they threw I still did everything that I wanted to. And that hasn’t changed at all.

Runaway Granny!

This is a story that I have wanted to tell for some time now. I didn’t really know it was a story so I didn’t bother looking there all this while.  It became a story this morning when I eavesdropped on a conversation that my mother and sister were having about my grandmother. My father has always thought that I am like his mother. It’s like this general consensus that I’ve grown up listening to. Now that I think about it, everytime I expressed a stubborn desire to do something that nobody approved of, I was told that I am like her. For the longest time, in fact even until before 2 months, this was offensive to me. This comparison. Everytime someone wanted to make me feel bad and  wanted to make me stop ‘wanting’ something I could not have, either because I was too young or because I was a girl, I was told that I am like my Grandmother.  It was said in a tone to put me back in my place.

I don’t remember having spent much time with her except for our long morning walks together in Belgaum. My grandmother is the quietest person I have met.  Too much has been said about her in the houses that I grew up in. Too much more has been said about her in the houses of my mother’s sisters. Stories of torture and stubbornness and arrogance and my mother’s silent battle against this woman who made life hell for her. This is the story that was told to me by everybody who knew her. I see another story here though. I don’t know much of her past and whether or not she was happy in her marriage, whether or not she liked her children but I do know that she liked being on her own. She wasn’t much of a talker, didn’t like small talk, ate on her own, watched TV on her own and stuff. And these were things that she was constantly being judged for.

Women who like their space are never liked in this family. It’s only now I realise how strong she was/is to stand up to all these fellows. Now I can see why my father and I have issues. He’s trying hard to tame me and I am trying harder to run away. Everybody hated her for how often she wanted to run away everytime there was a fight at home.  And god knows how much my mother wants to silence of the lambs me everytime I mention wanting to live alone. It scares them.  When women in my family think of running away as an option, scares the crap out of them.

I think my granny was unhappy  because she couldn’t be by herself and when I think of how much she could have had if only she was born a generation later; it makes me want to hug my parents so I immediately stop thinking dangerous things like that. I look at what I have now and how much more I can have, if only I stop being a lazy chicken and start work on my escape plan.

I think she was fond of me but she liked my sister better because she was the good one.  See, that’s the crazy thing. I don’t know how these things work.  Anyhow, think how much she would have loved to have a room of her own.  Think how many more people she could have pissed off if she had lived alone, just the way she wanted to. Especially my father. Strange strange family. I have daddy issues and he has mommy issues. But she actually has no issues.  She would have been a happy person if everybody just left her alone! If only she could have run away.


Heee Hawww!

I finished all my valuations today. Too soon, this time. Exactly a year before I was struggling to finish a paper in 30 minutes. Not that I’m an expert now. Just feel really relieved that my vacations have begun. Heeee Hawww! Part of this miracle happened because my first writing group meeting happened last Saturday and I was afraid that I will not be able to make it so some mad speedy person took over and I ransacked 40 papers, my best so far. I am slightly proud because somewhere in between this madness I also took care of 2 other equally nasty deadlines. Somebody from College called to say something about tax and declaration so I ran to the bank like a madwoman to get that fixed. I am mighty zapped after the weekend. Too much happened off.

My writing group meeting went well. In that, I read out my piece and nobody died or expressed desire to kill me. Maybe they were all just really polite. Next week, we do a writing activity. I am looking forward to it! I am super excited about the holidays this time because too much has happened/ is happening in me, with me and I can’t allow anything to get in the way. I want to see where this takes me. I am beginning to like the new me.

Anyhow, now that all my time is mine, I want to fruitlessly make a list because making lists is fun even though not one thing gets done. This semester, I am to teach Shakespeare to these kids. Maybe I should begin with that. Or maybe I should finish reading Llosa. Man! I suck.


Something is itching in my mind. I need to go. Short story anyone?

To Ashish

I started writing because I wanted to hide from my mother. I needed a space that could be only mine, that nobody wanted because they didn’t know it existed. It gave me some kind of thrill to hide when I was wanted the most. I treasured those moments when I could just hide and watch them look for me. To not be seen when they were frantically looking for you gives you some kind of sadistic authority over yourself and your space. Some similar kind of thrill was transferred onto that moment when I first wrote a full sentence. For those kind souls who do read my blog, you may remember a boy named ‘Ashish’ that I mentioned in a post titled ‘Poof’. For all the times I have fallen in and out of love with god knows how many people, I remember Ashish very well. He was chubby (just the way I like ’em even to this day) and had brown, wavy hair. In all that time that I was in love with him, he must have glanced at my direction once, maybe twice. We never talked to each other.

So him and Rashmi (also a girl I was in love with) were friends and it seemed like he spent all of his life with her. This drove me insane one evening and I wanted terribly to do something about it. I did the only thing that I felt like doing. I wanted to write “I hate you Ashish” hoping it would help me out of feeling lost and small. And where did I write this bit? On a wall in my Mother’s bedroom. I don’t know why I picked her room. I didn’t really pick actually. I remember I had a red pen in my hand and I was in her room and I just walked up to the wall and wrote it. In awfully small font. So small that even if everyone in the world would overlook it, my mother would read it. Because I wrote it and it was THAT small so she had to know what I was hiding (?) from her no?

The woman bawled my name out soon as she read it demanding to know why I had written what I had written. I remember feeling terrified when I had to explain it  to her. So I made up some gibberish and ran away. That may have just been the first of the many ‘Explain yourself’ encounters I was going to have with my mother in future. But I remember feeling devilishly happy because I had managed to piss her off. That episode triggered so much pleasure in me that I decided to keep a journal in some freudian hope that she would read it and be annoyed.

That’s how and why I found writing. It became my most sought out hiding place and promised me guilty pleasures like hiding and watching someone looking for me, hiding and watching someone read what I have written and other such nonsense. Eventually, writing has helped me move closer to the woman I want to become, even though I don’t know who the hell that is.