Get Ready for the Next Blogging U. Challenge: Writing 101

Originally posted on The Daily Post:
Feeling a bit bereft now that Blogging 101 and 201 have wound down, or just looking for a way to cultivate good writing habits? Never fear, Writing 101 is here! (Well, it will be here, starting June 2.) Our next Blogging U. challenge moves away from the technical and design aspects…

Meditation and working out (haha)

Meditation can be such a pain in the ass. Never works for me. Maybe it would if I take it seriously but what the hell, it is bloody difficult. I used to think meditation requires a humongous ability to concentrate and stuff but I have only just discovered that meditation can mean anything so longContinue reading “Meditation and working out (haha)”

Forts, Princesses and their diaries.

Somewhere on the old airport road in Bangalore was once a huge fort (read: shopping complex) for kids called Kemp Fort. Did I just say for kids? Because it wasn’t all for kids. Now that I recollect it, the first floor was women’s clothing and accessories. Sarees in golden and the most beautiful shade ofContinue reading “Forts, Princesses and their diaries.”

Pica and other disorderliness.

All of yesterday was spent moving all my posts from blogger to here. I had to ditch moving some of my earlier posts because I physically and psychologically couldn’t do it. Bleh. All my grand plans for the vacation are now sitting and bathing in their own filth. I haven’t started work on any ofContinue reading “Pica and other disorderliness.”

Keep your friends close, but enemies closer? Um, Thanks but no Thanks.

The friend who loved you. So much that she started to make your personal life hers:  You will always be my first best friend and last. I don’t deny missing you even after all that bad blood between us. You were special to me and always will be. I just cannot get over the factContinue reading “Keep your friends close, but enemies closer? Um, Thanks but no Thanks.”

The women

Robin Scherbatsky came into my life like much needed bacon on mornings that eggs aren’t allowed to be eaten at home, like Saturdays. My bacon reference is because she was fresh from what I had been stalking until then. Lorelai Gilmore, Rachel Green blah blah blah… I like these women because they brought to meContinue reading “The women”

Overheard at The Parisian Cafe

I have decided that I want to come here every day and not just because this place is like the café that I have always wanted to go sit and be by myself at but also because I get to eavesdrop on the most interesting conversations here. Also because I think I have finally foundContinue reading “Overheard at The Parisian Cafe”